Edunial events have been bringing together the India’s most respected universities, high schools, master’s, doctoral & MBA programs, and summer schools with students and education consultants for 12 years. Our events lead the international student recruitment industry in every aspect.
Our advertising and sponsorship opportunities help your brand to increase its awareness in the sector and increase trust and brand loyalty. Advertising at our events will help you increase your visibility in your target market and create opportunities for new collaborations.


Through over 15 high quality events held around the middle east and Africa, ihecf fairs brings you face to face with people.

Increasing Brand Visibility

By increasing your brand awareness with the sponsorship of IHECF fairs, you can create a wide network among your potential target audience visiting the fair. From there, you can navigate the research and decision-making processes and ultimately the purchasing process.

Building A Positive Image

When you sponsor IHECF fairs, it will contribute to your brand’s strong and positive appearance as well as brand awareness. Your brand will have a positive image in the minds of fair visitors.

Getting A Good ROI

By sponsoring IHECF fairs, which India’s largest and most prestigious Indian higher education & career fair, you will be able to get a great return on your investment by creating selective perception for your target audience, students, and parents, by standing out in current or future purchasing decisions.

Direct Access to Your Target Market

More than 50 institutions and more than 20000 students attend IHECF fairs every year. You can stand out among other institutions that will receive one of the sponsorship packages and allow you to reach your target market directly.

IHECF Advertising / Sponsorship Options

We can provide you variety of solutions depending on your needs.

Fair Bag Insert

Fair bags are being distributed to each registered student at the entrance of the fairs to assist them in collecting brochures from participating institutions. These institutions have the option of inserting their school brochure (up to 6 pages) in the student bags to reach all fair visitors at one time! Inserts must be reviewed by IHECF Fairs prior to acceptance for inclusion and are accepted for full circulation only. It is also available to place the logo of the institution on the bag.

Post Fair Email Shot

IHECF Fairs can send an email or an electronic flyer of your school to its post fair student database. This opportunity is only given to the schools who attend IHECF Fairs and wish to increase their recruitment chance.

Staff Uniform Sponsorship

The sponsor logo will be placed on the backside and the sleeve of the Staff t-shirts.

Seminar Room Sponsorship

IHECF Fairs gives an opportunity to the school to decorate the seminar room with the sponsors’ logo & banners. The seminar board & the seminar program given out will include sponsor’s name & logos.

Signboard Sponsorship

The sponsor logo will be placed on the signboards starting from the entrance of the event hall, which directs the corridors, coffee room, seminar room, fair venue, etc.


We can provide you variety of solutions depending on your needs.


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