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How IHECF Fairs Are Promoted

We have a policy of advertising Indian Higher Education & Career fairs to all year groups. We encourage students to attend fairs to gain general information about institutions that will help them make future decisions. IHECF Fairs are promoted from the start of the academic year via our website with additional event details published through national newspapers, Web Advertising & social media, FM & TV shows, E-mails, Banner ads, Thousands of flyers & posters.

Reaching international students

Using diverse marketing strategies and different channels to spread the word about IHECF fairs. The motto behind our fair promotion is to receive greater public engagement and ultimately upscaled event attendance.

Promotional Video

We are creating a marketing video using the existing video and images of the past event. It helps the student’s imagination to visualize what they can expect in the forthcoming event.
And we are sending this video to our email list. Feature it on our website. And spread it across our social media channels.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising has been a staple of the marketing strategy for our education fairs. These types of marketing campaigns continuously prove to have higher ROI for us.
We equip the schools, avenues, and university campuses with our advertisements before our fairs.

Marketing Strategy

To correctly identify our target audience, we define it via attendee demographics such as market, sex, and age. we also consider psychographics such as the use of innovation, rate of interest, and motivation to attend our fairs. One technique to do this is to examine attendee information accumulated from past fairs. As a result, when we run a campaign, we can monitor our event website’s web traffic to comprehend our target market and the influence of our fair promotion.

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