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Edunial, is one of the well-known international education fair companies has been going on to organize the most effective international education fair with years of experience and professionalism.
We have been only organizing international education fairs for 12 years in order to do what we do the best and we meet the expectations of the school that participated in our fairs with the analyses. With the analysis after the fairs we organized, we meet the demands and expectations of participating international schools at the maximum level.
Connecting +20000 students with over 200 international schools yearly! Edunial International Education Fairs has been organizing student fairs which many institution’s representatives gather to display their institution’s information such as brochures and international student application information.
Edunial International Education Fairs are an opportunity for prospective international students to speak directly with representatives of institutions and gather information on a variety of academic programs, including community colleges, language programs, undergraduate, and postgraduate studies.
More than 50 Indian universities and colleges with the marketing strategy and the most comprehensive student database, have gained to reach over 10,000 students with high-income levels who want to continue their education abroad. These Indian universities and colleges have a chance to promote their academic programs, language programs undergraduate and postgraduate studies with different events within the year.pibus leo.


over 15 high quality events held in Middle East & Africa ihecffairs bring you face to face with people.

Ihecf Saudi Arabia

November 2024

Ihecf Oman

November 2024

Ihecf Ethiopia

Feb/March 2025

Ihecf kenya

Feb/March 2025

Ihecf Tanzania

Feb/March 2025

Ihecf Zambia

Feb/March 2025

Ihecf Zimbabwe

Feb/March 2025

Ihecf Uganda

Feb/March 2025


We connect +15,000 students with over 100 international schools at ihecf Fairs every year..


You will not only have networking opportunities at our events, but also fun!


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